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Quick Overview: Certification cards not included. To order manual with certification cards, please go to : step-by-step guide on first aid and CPR for those who take care of children. Content includes common causes, prevention, what to look for and what to do in case of airway, breathing and circulation emergencies in children and infants. Wound care, head and spinal injuries, bone muscle and joint injuries, sudden medical emergencies and environmental emergencies are also covered. Provides additional information on childhood illnesses and how to keep children safe (child equipment and toy safety). This manual is a great addition to any home or daycare first aid kit.

CONTENT INCLUDES: • Full colour photographs and illustrations throughout• Meets the latest First Aid & CPR International Guidelines (2017)• English• 168 pages• 16.83 cm x 24,4 cm5 cm (6.68 in x 9.68 in)• Glossary and index• Published : 2017• Publisher : The StayWell Health Company Ltd.• ISBN : 978-1-58480-522-9


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