1″x 3″ and 3/4″ x 3″ Quick Bandage™ Refill (39) 


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Quick Overview: This innovative wall-mountable bandage dispenser is bi-Lingual, easy to use and great for any workplace. Dispenser contains; 1″x3 Quick Bandage Refill (32) 3/4″x3 Quick Bandage (48) These cloth strip bandages use Quick Bandage Technology to allow the injured person to access a bandage with one hand. Quick Bandages our housed our brightly colored hard plastic bandage dispenser. The dispenser has clear hinged door to prevent dirt or other particles from damaging the bandages.  Dispenser comes with a quick release tool remove used Quick Bandage inserts. Every Dispenser comes with 2- 1″x3 Quick Bandage Refill (32) 2- 3/4″x3 Quick Bandage (48) This gives you 160 bandages to start with. Refills are available and cost-effective.See Product # CRC-QB13 or CRC-QB34 for refills

Weight: 0.025 kg   Width: 9 cm   Height: 10 cm   Depth: 2 cm

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